The High Beamans


The High Beamans perform original music from trumpeter/leader Greg Beaman and other members of the band.  Formed in 2012, the band plays club gigs throughout the New Orleans area.  The band's 2012 Never Records release, "It's Pouring", introduced The High Beamans to the world and launched a busy year of live performances in 2013.  With the subsequent release of a number of live recordings in 2014, the band moved in a new direction, exchanging the tight arrangements of its early years for a sound hallmarked by improvisational freedom and experimentation.  At present, improvised tracks like "Epicenter #4" coexist with composed numbers like the brash, bluesy "Shame".  

Now you can view and download Greg's original High Beamans charts! Contact me via the "Contact" link to explore options for purchasing individual parts.



Beaman's traditional New Orleans music project, Jazzholes enjoyed a Saturday night residency at Circle Bar for a number of years.  These days, catch Jazzholes marching as a second line band for weddings and other events or in the backyards and living rooms of house parties.  The seminal 2012 Jazzholes live album, Jazzholes: Live at Circle Bar, is now available to stream for free via Soundcloud!


Little Maker


Beaman accepted an invitation from songwriter Micah McKee to join McKee's outfit, Little Maker, in 2012.  Little Maker is "a tribute to pop music's present unraveling and rock and roll's folk-speckled and rustic past."  Little Maker's latest album, "The Salty Seas We Used to Know" is available now wherever Little Maker is performing!  Catch a listen at The band recorded and released Patrons of the Saint in 2012.  


The Essentials


On any given night, Beaman lends his horn to The Essentials.  The Essentials are "a living jukebox", playing the best Motown, soul, and R&B hits from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.


1998 – Carbon, Trainwreck (EP), independent release
2006 – Amboyna, untitled, Golden Age Records
2008 – Good Guys, The Social Engagement, In the Dark Records
2011- Jazzholes, Jazzholes: Live at Circle Bar, Golden Age Records
2012 – The High Beamans, “It’s Pouring” (vinyl single), Never Records
2012 – Little Maker, Patrons of the Saint, independent release
2013 – A L’Afrique, Payday, Fruge Records
2015 – Little Maker, The Salty Seas We Used to Know, independent release